Thursday, January 25, 2007

Storm The House DS

Yes, the game is finally released!


The goal of this game is to defend Your
stronghold from soldiers that attempts to
destroy it. There are various types of
enemies through the game. At the end of
each day (approximately 80 seconds), You
can upgrade Your stronghold. For more
information, check the instructions in

P.S. Look for an easter egg xD

== Known Bugs ==
- Wall isn't showing;
- Sometimes, no enemies appear on the
first day;
- Sprites sometimes get corrupted due
to memory overflow (happens usualy
after 50 days).

== To-Do ==
- Rewrite entire background animation
system for better quality and smaller
memory usage;
- Multiplayer;
- More weapons;
- High Score List;
- PC Port;
- Bigger Shop;
- 3D sprites (maybe).

== Credits ==
- Development and graphics:
Dejan Velimirovic (DVSoftware)
- Beta Testing: vBm
- Inspired by a flash game with the same
- Soldiers are from Metal Slug game
- Programmed using DevkitPRO r19, libnds
and PALib
== Download == StormTheHouse.nds


Anonymous said...

What is the Windows Theme used ?

DVSoftware said...

it's not windows...

Anonymous said...

hey idk if it is too late or anything, but i love this game can u give a working link for it? :(